One Piece: Pirates’ Carnival Cheats For GameCube PlayStation 2

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Pirates Carnival – Skypiea Characters in English

Dub Voices for the Jaya/Skypiea Characters. Not sure if 4Kids or Bandai selected them.

The spelling of their names in Pirates Carnival:

“Bellamy” – Voice is VERY nasal. He’s even got the ‘weasel’ laugh from Billy Madison.

“Marshall D Teech” – Voice is raspy. It should be lower and more booming, but not bad. His lines are delivered pretty well.

“Wyler” (Wtf?) – Stupid name change even though GA had it Wyper. His voice is pure shit. Sounds like Ren from Ren and Stimpy or an angry Mexican Vegeta.

“Satori” – Very good! Goofy but not overly-obnoxious or grating on the ears. I couldn’t stand his jap VA. (I think this VA does the giants and Pandaman too.)

“Eneru” – Used to it by now from Grand Adventure. Overall it’s decent, one of the better ones. (I think his VA does Wiper and Blackbeard too.)


One Piece – Pirates’ Carnival Gameplay (Board Game Stage Grand Line 1)

One Piece – Pirates’ Carnival is an ps2 game. Each player will try to win the mini game as much as posible. The player who win the most game will be the winner. There are many event that come from capture the area or random event that happend between turn.