The Doom And Doom 2 Console Ports Are Getting Free DLC, Including Final Doom And Sigil

Bethesda’s recent Switch, PS4, and Xbox One versions of the first two Doom games are expanding.

New Doom Patch Is Brilliant: Disappointing Ports Are Now Must-Buy Purchases

Remember those retro Doom ports that arrived for the current-gen consoles last year? Flawed in many respects, they were a genuine disappointment… but the new update from Bethesda is close to perfect. John Linneman delivers his verdict.

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DOOM & DOOM II Console Port Update 1.0.4

Doom & Doom II Ports To Receive Final Doom and Sigil for Free

Bethesda has announced that its recent ports of classic first person shooters Doom and Doom 2 are to receive a whole bunch of add-ons in a forthcoming update, including the Final Doom levels and John Romero’s own unofficial fifth episode Sigil. Do you like FPS games? You'll love Krunker io.